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Private Label &
National Brands

  • We work with national and regional chains to take their ideas for private label products and make them a reality

  • Emerging and national brands come to us for efficient, safe production of their recipes

  • Brand & marketing support

  • Highly trained R&D capabilities

  • Large variety of product and packaging options

  • Gluten free capability

  • Highly efficient operations

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Convenience, Foodservice, Hotel &Deli

  • Hand wrapped or flow wrapped solutions

  • Sandwiches & burritos

  • Frozen-to-slack Meals

  • Individually portioned bbq meats for easy sandwich making in-house

  • Custom recipe development available

  • Branded or private label


  • We work with Districts & K-12 food manufacturers to convert bulk-packed food into individually portioned, frozen meals, trays and meal kits

  • USDA Inspected facility & Commodity friendly

  • Meals-In-The-Classroom solutions

  • Conventional and microwave safe packaging

  • Multiple meal kit packing for take-home solutions during virtual learning days and summer

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